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Materials are traditionally an important and highly strategic aspect of SEMICON Europa. More and more materials are used in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing. Given that smart systems and interconnected devices will drive nearly any further growth it becomes of importance to discuss
  • What is driving demand for new materials?
  • How material suppliers are impacted by the value chain they serve and
  • How this affects our smart and interconnected world. 


Meet and exchange with the industry’s full value chain, meet with adjacent markets, be at the forefront of innovations and trends. Participate at SEMICON Europa's Materials segment!


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Materials Package:

Price* Information and Registration

  Before 12 November Onsite Students
SEMI Members 600.- 850- 80.-
Non-Members 750.- 850.- 80.-

* all Price information in EUR, VAT not included

In your Materials Package is included:
> Materials Conference
> Power Electronics Conference
> TechARENA: Electronics for Automotive, Advances Materials, MedTech
Day tickets
Conference day tickets are available for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
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