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Advanced Materials Session 2



Advanced Materials Session 2


Date: 15 November 2017

Time: 10:00–12:30

Location: TechARENA 1

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Approaching limits and overcoming them was core business in microelectronics technology and -manufacturing since the formulation of “Moore’s Law” in 1965. Whenever barriers showed up, that had the potential to slow down the predicted progress, innovations came up, which brought us to a level, where features of atomic scale dimensions can be reliable manufactured on large (300 mm) Silicon wafers in many levels with extreme fines.
In this “Materials Session”, we will address recent progress which is associated with refinement of classical techniques but also novel methods for deposition and etch (ALD/ALE for 2D and 3D Nano structuring) or thermal treatment and associated tools and consumables. Although Silicon is still the dominant semiconductor in the field, compound semiconductors for heterogeneous integration or emerging materials based on 2D confinement of the charge carriers offer unique properties.


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