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“What’s next…” Session


"What's Next…" Session


Date: 26 Oct 2016
Time: 11:45–13:50
Location: TechARENA 1    

Over the last decade, the semiconductor technology roadmap has been characterized by a strong diversification. The miniaturization of devices, which ensures the continuation of Moore’s Law, is still a basic target for technology R&D. At the same time, the incorporation of new analogue as well as digital functionalities by heterogeneous integration, has enabled the creation of a wide variety of extremely complex but cost-effective smart systems. This dual trend has resulted in a situation where virtually every possible application domain, from healthcare to automotive and transport, and from communication to security and safety, has become dependent on the availability of dedicated micro- and nanoelectronic components and systems.
As a consequence, the microelectronics roadmap is no longer determined by the extrapolation of technology trends, but by specific system demands that are required by the various application domains. The internet of things, composed of interacting autonomous smart systems and subsystems, provides the technological infrastructure for our modern society, in particular as it takes shape in the form of ‘smart cities’.
The presentations in this session will describe how the internet of things contributes to the realization of the idea of ‘smart cities’. Various implementation and application aspects will be discussed, such as infrastructure, information management and security. In addition, the technological challenges will be discussed.




No pre-registration required but you must register as a visitor, in order to gain access to the venue. We recommend to arrive early as seating is limited.


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