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Smart & Sustainable Manufacturing


Smart & Sustainable Manufacturing Session

Date: 25 Oct 2016
Time: 14:00–16:45 
Location: TechARENA 1     
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As the World continues to further increase the efficiency of production, smart factory solutions are required in order to compete successfully in this global environment. A second focus with equal importance is on activities around environmental protection and energy conservation. The semiconductor industry must be proactive in all aspects of smart and sustainable manufacturing in order to maintain “license to operate”.  The smart manufacturing portion of this session will address activities in cost and cycle time reduction, enhancements in productivity and yield, and in efficiency improvements in front end and backend factories.   The Sustainable Manufacturing portion of this session will highlight critical aspects to be managed from policy makers, sustainable and resource efficiency activities in the fab from both an IDM and OEM point of view, as well as an insight from a Higher Education Institute as to how we are preparing our next generation engineers and thought providers for the challenges ahead.


Topics covered will be:
  • Enhancement and optimization of existing production fabs
  • Implementation of Process Control solution
  • Logistics in factories
  • European environmental policy and requirements for industry compliance
  • Industry activities to conserve energy and resources to reduce the carbon and environmental footprints
  • Improvements to fab/sub-fab manufacturing equipment with respect to green manufacturing
  • Supply chain Management for environmental compliance
  • Preparing for the future through Higher Education proactivity and responsibility


Who should attend? 

Manufacturing technology, IT, and facility, process and equipment engineers and managers, EHS and Risk Management





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