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Metrology for Emerging Markets


Date: 14 November 2017

Time: 10:00–12:30

Location: TechARENA 2

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As semiconductor device scaling continues to pose very complex challenges to semiconductor manufacturers to maintain the introduction of new technology generations, additional key technology drivers are beginning to emerge.  These include applications such as cloud and edge computing, mobile communication and information, internet of things (IoT), autonomous driving, and smart health, all of which demand reliable continuous connectivity, power efficient operation and an enhanced user experience. 

Consequently, the technologies for these kind of applications will have implications for metrology with respect to the pace, timing, and types of new technologies adopted.  As an example, device technology has moved towards complex 3D structures fabricated by using new materials and processes.  FinFET type transistors are a key microprocessor device architecture today with metrology challenges in the process flow associated with the repeatable fabrication of such structures.  In addition, new materials characterisation techniques are required for a whole range of emerging novel materials associated with the continuation of Technology development.  A more SMART and LEAN semiconductor manufacturing process is also under-pinned by advances in complex metrology solutions.

The scope of this Tech Arena session shall include metrology for critical dimension related parameters (e. g. CD and overlay), 3D metrology (physical and chemical parameters), film thickness, materials and contamination analysis, and metrology requirements for system integration.


Topics covered will be:

  • inline/near line/offline/virtual metrology
  • optical, imaging, beam and x-ray metrology
  • dimensions, morphology, electrical properties, stress, composition, doping, defects, material quality
  • modeling aspects in metrology


Who should attend?

R&D, Manufacturing technology, process, metrology and equipment engineers and managers


Agenda 2017


Organizing Committee:

Semiconductor Technology Programs Committee (STC)




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