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Smart Manufacturing Session


Date: 16 November 2017

Time: 10:00–12:30

Location: TechARENA 1

Sponsored by:


As the World continues to further increase the efficiency of production, smart factory solutions are required in order to compete successfully in this global environment.

Smart factories are able to monitor and control all tools of production, collecting data from hundreds of sensors to make continuous improvements. A smart manufacturing infrastructure gives the possibility of everything from detecting when machines need maintenance, thereby allowing plant managers to act before a breakdown happens, to viewing every point in the production process, ensuring real-time adjustments to avoid bottlenecks and process abnormalities. Therefore, a huge amount of data needs to be processed using advanced big data analytics to generate meaningful production management information.

The semiconductor industry is a proactive front-runner when it comes to implementation of all aspects of smart manufacturing in a fast-changing, highly competitive and innovative industry environment where innovation, collaboration and cross-industry development is key.

The smart manufacturing sessions will address activities in cost and cycle time reduction, enhancements in productivity and yield, and in efficiency improvements in front end as well as backend factories. 


Topics covered will be:

Enhancement and optimization of existing production fabs

  • Implementation of predictive process control solution
  • Requirements for the implementation of cloud based solutions
  • Big data and use of advanced analytics
  • Logistics and optimization strategies in factories
  • Automated change management


Who should attend?

Manufacturing technology, IT, and facility, process and equipment engineers and managers, and Risk Management


Agenda 2017

Organizing Committee:

Semiconductor Technology Programs Committee (STC)



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No pre-registration required but you must register as a visitor, in order to gain access to the venue. We recommend to arrive early as seating is limited.


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